Wednesday, August 26, 2015

it's been quite the few days... (As told through GIFs)

It's this time of the year again.....

On Friday, it was Freshmen move in day here on campus.  Tons of parently and lots of driving the wrong way.

Friday was also the first of my two catered orientations.

Two catered lunches, 2 orientations with materials, the purchase of sodas and snacks for two lunches and a party?

Friday came and went without incident.  I had materials printed.  Food was ordered.  I was all set.

Then Monday Happened.

Monday not only did I manage to slam my fingers of one hand in a door.  I also managed to slice open my palm on a wooden chair.

Yes.  A wooden chair.

It's not a bad cut, but damn it hurts!

I also ran unto numerous door frames.

I was all:

Tuesday happened.

Graduate student orientation happened.

And we totally rocked the catering!

Today was the first day of classes.   I came in and had a few enrollment issues....  Like at 9am....

I'm not used to having a crisis before 10am....

And this signals my transition from summer to autumn.

The one constant that I've been dealing with has nothing to do with school.  It's been hectic around here.  I'm slowly catching up.  Sadly, I'm going through a day's spoons and having to borrow from the next.  By Saturday I'm going to be all:

Happy First day of the 2015-2016 school year!

I'm going to sum up with 3 GIFs that I adore...  And have no purpose in this post:

Monday, August 10, 2015

I had some Mandatory Fun this Weekend

Months ago, we learned that Weird Al was bringing his tour to town.  So I bought tickets!

Good seats, huh?

I opted for messanine seats.  But not just any sets.... front row of the mezzanine, center.

The show was amazing.  It started out with Tacky.

Al wasn't on stage....  was it pre-recorded?  Nope.  it was a live feed of him walking through the halls, just like in the video.

I went in to the concert with the hopes that he'd do my favorite songs.  And he did...

Honestly, the concert was simply amazing. It was a mix of live performances, wild costumes, and video projection (that filled in the time between costume changes)

 It was simply the most fun that I have had in quite a while.

We laughed.

We sang along....

it was amazing.

What are my favorites?

Dare to be Stupid


It's All About the Pentiums

Amish Paradise

Word Crimes

Smells like Nirvana (Complete with bored cheerleaders)

White and Nerdy (Complete with Donny Osmond on the screen)

the encore was Star Wars themed.  The band was on stage with Darth Vader and Storm Troopers (Members of the 501st)  they did The Saga Begins and Yoda.

Hell yes I sung along!

I loved that fact that there were a lot of kids there.

My only regret... not buying a shirt.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Today is a new day

This morning I decided to take a walk instead of working out inside.  It was the best decision.

Pre-dawn thunderstorms cleared the humidity.  It was clear and cool.  The grass was wet.  We did the 25 minute walk from the Jeff Galloway app.  I know it wasn't strenuous, but it was nice.

Tuesday was simply awful, but I managed to regroup.  I did think about leaving Weight Watchers for a while.  I'm using the 21 Day Fix eating plan, anyways.  I can put that $35 a month to a better use.  But me leaving would probably spell the end of our at work meeting, so I'll stay for now.

I decided that I do, in fact, need a kick in the pants.  So this is me, kicking myself in the pants.  The 3 step process:

Step 1:  Hit my eating plan hardcore.
The 21 Day Fix eating plan works for me.  I need to SERIOUSLY get back to it.

Step 2:  Continue with my Half- Marathon training
I started this program with the app last week and I'm really loving it.  Two days a week, typically Mondays and Wednesdays, I run for 30 minutes.  One day a week I go on a nice walk.  My long run days are on the weekend.

It's a program that makes sense to me, and feels good to do.  I don't know how else to explain it.

Step 3:  Add a new workout program
This one is the odd one.  I know that I'm doing the running, but I need more activity.  I'm working on my stamina.

Cize came out in July, so I picked it up.  The name is silly.  I know!  The program is based around dancing, of the Hip Hop-ish variety.  I've only done 1 workout so far, but it's so wonderfully fun!  (Contact me if you're interested in it!)

This program has 6 workouts a week.  You know what that means...  2 a day workouts!  I don't know if I'm going to get up crazy early and do them back to back or run in the morning and do the DVD workout after work.  I'll figure it out on Monday.

Who else is kicking their own butts?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Today isn't turning out to be very good.

It started with my phone alarm not going off.  Again.  Well, it went off, but with no sound.  I managed to get up and do a shorter workout.  I even managed to get myself out the door.

But I've been dogged with the black clouds ever since.  The number on the scale was simply awful.  I'm tired of this eating healthy and fitness thing.  I'm tired of it not working.

I finished up sending the department newsletter.  The process is so frustrating that tears were shed today.  And last week.  And the week before.   And I have to do it all again next summer.  I'm sure that I did much of the process incorrectly.  I'm waiting for someone to call and yell at me.

Somewhere in all of this I decided to become a Beach Body Coach.  Don't get me wrong.  I love their products.  But I realized that this will go about as well as me selling Avon.  Which is not well.  I think I need to get out before I lose my shirt.

I've been fighting off tears for an hour now.  I'm dreading stepping on the scale at my Weight Watchers meeting today.  Heck, with the mood that I'm in, I'm not looking forward to interacting with the human race.

But I have to stay.  And somehow I'll get through this.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Essay Contests

I've seen quite a few essay contests to win a business.

First there was an Inn.

Then there was a goat dairy farm.

Now it's a horse farm.

Frankly, I think this is an amazing idea.  If you're looking for farm, and don't have a lot of start up capital.. it's great!

My friend posted the horse farm give away and tag me on it.  I thought it was wonderfully thoughtful!  Especially with the homes that I've been posting to Facebook lately.

I don't know if I've ever wanted to farm.  My mother grew up on a farm, and we spent summers there.  it's hard work.  Hard dirty work.  That involves actual dirt...  

Also, I'm terrified of horses...

I don't like gardening.

I'm just made for the farm-y lifestyle.

Why am I looking at those homes on Truila?  Because they have some land.  And not living on top of my neighbors would be kind of awesome.

I just don't see myself entering those contests any time soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

So close.. yet so far....

It's been a really hard week for me...  A really odd week...

The good:

1.) My BellaBeat Leaf came in the mail.  It's like a FitBit, but pretty!  I was looking for something to track activity.  Something that I'd want to wear.  Something that has an inactivity alarm.  (Once an hour it buzzes and I have to get up.)  The app is a bit buggy, but I do like it.

2.) I have a new program coming in the mail today.  I LOVED 21 Day Fix and TurboFire, so I'm going to try Cize in August.  Interested?  let me know!  I'll let y'all know how it is after I try it out.

3.)  In a fit of madness I bought Jeff Galloway's training app.  it was expensive.  But I loved it when I tried it out this morning.  Training for this year's half marathons begins in earnest right now!

The Bad:

I got a text last night at 10:50 pm.  I was asleep.  So lame!

Also, I have to clean around here SO BADLY.   I bought more shelving for the storage room because the floor was covered with boxes of legos.  Legos everywhere!  Beware the legos!

The Ugly

1.) I don't know what I did to myself, but I felt AWFUL after running this morning.  And the little bit of cleaning that I did left me sweating and shaking.  I'm exhausted, but I can't nap.  Maybe I'm seriously out of shape (running-wise)  Maybe that workout I got this morning kicked my ass, but I know that I'm all this:
2.) Falling off the wagon and eating my feelings last week hurt scale wise.  Yeah.... I totally need to work on that.  Starting in August I have a new program, and I actually want to try to run AND do daily workouts.  We'll see if I survive that....

It's apparently Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family.  And I don't feel well....

You know what this means....

I'll be on my couch sipping water and watching tv.... trying to figure out what is kicking my butt.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Anne of Green Gables

I don't know what happened first in my life:  the novels or the mini-series.  But they both happened in elementary school.

Anne of Green Gables (and the books that came after) saw me through my elementary and middle school years.

I had red hair as a youngster (I have to dye it back to the original color these days.)  I also had an overactive imagination.  I read too much and almost preferred the worlds of my imagination to real life.  I learned so much from her.
I know I'm not the only teenager that felt a strong connection to the character.  Millions of young people did, and continue to.  Apparently she is also huge in Japan.
My friends and I were a bit disheartened when we saw that CBC was going to make another Anne movie.  As you can see, the miniseries form the 80's is rather close to my heart.
I have this dream.  I'd love to make a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island.  I want to see the house in Cavendish.  I want to have tea... or Raspberry Cordial...  
I know it's all touristy.  But I don't care.
I miss the time when I could lose myself in my imagination like that.
I miss a time when you could actually by 20 pounds of brown sugar....
I still live by this motto: 
I want to take that vacation... and recreate this picture
Who wants to go with me?

(Can you tell this was mainly an excuse to use my many GIFs?)