Monday, May 25, 2015


On this, the last day of the weekend, we went to see Tomorrowland.

WARNING:  There will be spoilers

It wasn't the best movie that we've ever seen.  It wasn't the worst.

But it resonated with me.  It hit me in a place that is very close to home.

If you've known me for any time, you know that I quickly lose interest in movies, books and shows that are about un-winable situations.  I stopped reading the Maze Runner books becuase it seemed that they were going to be marching towards their doom for a few books now.  I stopped watching Star Gate: Universe because the plot seemed to revolved around a crew that is completely screwed.  This crew was doomed and each week was about how completely doomed they were.  Heck, most Japanese Anime don't have happy endings either.

That seems to be a central theme in the movie.  Humanity is screwed.  They haven't heeded any of the millions of warnings, and the dreamers of the world can't save them.  Until one of them does and we get a happy ending.

Honestly, the movie is a struggle between good old pessimism and denial (they don't so much as call out the Republican Climate-deniers... but they could have) and the Disney optimism of the 1960's.

the movie ended with dreamers of all genders, nationalities and ages getting recruited to change the world.

I cried.

That's the world that I want to live in.  That's why I love the fantasy and sci-fi that I do.  Star Trek, and even the Avengers give us hope.  Hope that we cna defeat the big evil that is out there.  The evils of greed, corruption and ignorance.

I cried because a place like this isn't real, and I desperately wish that it was.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Chick Fil A 5K/10K and a long weekend!

I ran a race yesterday.  The Chick Fil A 5K/10K

Honestly, it was the first that I've done in a while.  And I was HORRIBLY under-trained.  But I did it!

The course was scenic, and not overly hilly.  And LONG!  I'd forgotten how long a 10K is!

I do like this race.  Especially the family fun day after (there was a petting zoo, y'all.  I petted a llama!!).  Sadly, I can't run it next year.  I'll be in Syracuse marching in a parade.

What I wanted to saw about the race isn't about what I did.  It was about how Flat Out runs their events.

My co-worker did the race with me.  She's a woman that has had such bad health-luck of late.  She also refuses to let it stop her.  Instead of packing up the finish line, they were there until the last runners come in.  This race, it happened to be my co-worker and another woman.  They rounded the corner and the Rocky theme started to play:

Her son, who was helping at the finish line, ran out to cross the finish with her.  He then handed her the medal.

Seriously, I was crying.  Other random people with me were crying...  I need to volunteer at the finish someday!  It's inspiring!

I finished the race and got my free Chick Fil A sandwich.  Now, I haven't had any of their products in YEARS, but since it was free.... That was the best tasting food ever.  (Maybe it only tasted good because it was A: free and B: I just ran 6 miles..)

We petted animals at the petting zoo, and I could feel my throat closing like it did during the Hampton Bay Day 8K, so we decided that it was time to leave and get me some Gatorade.

I even had my Fandom of the Month box waiting for me when I got home!  (the gold was rubbing off of the bracelet and the inside of the door, but I love it!!

Thankfully my post race recovery wasn't too bad yesterday.  I was mostly tired, thirsty and HUNGRY.

And I had a ridiculous headache....

 Today, someone went to the Vet.  She's now all vaccinated and set with both flea and tick prevention.

And if you'll excuse me...  It's time to clean!

Today's task:  clean the living room.  Tomorrow it's the kitchen!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another year for the books

Commencement was this past weekend.  With that, the chapter of Academic year 2014-2015 comes to a close.

Commencement was Sunday.  I've been doing commencement for a few years now, and was really comfortable with the routine.  This year we had a new time, a new location, a new program, and NO parking.

Let me describe the sprint that is commencement!

The day started early for me.  I was dressed (in a fancy dress, no less.... AND heels) and in my office by 7:30 am to pull the list of Latin honors and grab the diplomas.

We then drove over to the ceremony location to park in my paid for parking spot.

That wasn't there.  Of course the church across the street had taken up every other parking spot in the place.

Heels in my hands and diplomas under my arms, I spring out the car and into the building.  (The Spousal Equivalent said he's find somewhere to park).  I run into the building to set the stage, put the diplomas in order, and have a general panic attack.


Because that's about when the Secret Service walked in.  Why?  Because Justice Scalia grandkid was graduating.

Somehow we got everyone in, the ceremony was done and dusted in under an hour.  And we even had someone else cater the event.

And now campus is deserted.

Of course there's no water and the network is glitchy today.....

But it's summer.  Time for projects and cleaning out of closets.

Happy Summer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

We all know the song... for everything there is a season.... turn, turn, turn....

Well, 'tis the season for graduation.  It's a season of high emotions.  School years end, summers begin.  We send our graduates out into the world....

'Tis also the season for stress.

I honestly have no idea why commencement stresses me out so.

Yes, there is a lot of prep-work.  I have lists and RSVPs, catering, diplomas, awards, families (both where they should be and in the wrong place), pomp and circumstance!

My day always starts super early.  I get up around 6am on Commencement morning.  I remote in to my work computer and pull the list of Latin Honors.  I print out the list of graduates and then try to make myself presentable.  (This year I'm reversing those steps.  I'm going to get to campus early and use work's printer.  but I have a feeling that getting up stupidly early will still happen)

Once at the venue with diplomas, programs, decorations, place cards, reserved signs and what not in tow.  My co-worker and I run around like mad women setting up the ceremony space before prepping the reception.  (Thankfully, we went with Catering this year.  Thank goodness!)

A short 3 hours later and we're cleaning up and heading home.

Writing it out doesn't make it sound so bad.  Then why am I so darn stressed out?  Your guess is as good as mine!  I've spent the last week ready to burst into tears for no good reason.

What I do know is that by 3pm on Sunday afternoon this all will be over.

And I get to sleep in on Monday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's times like these that I like to escape into fiction

There's no escaping the unrest in the world of late.

The riots in Baltimore.

The earthquakes in Nepal.

The earthquake was devastating.  And awful.  Of course some Christians have always taken this opportunity to recruit.

The situation in Baltimore is far more unsettling.  Why?  Because this was man made.  And awful.

But before I get into that, let me mention this.

I really hate violence.  Now yes, I threaten violence all the time.  But seriously, me threatening violence is like a snowball threatening fire.  Pointless.  (Picture a T-Rex punching someone.  Done laughing?  Yeah, that's me)  But on the whole I really don't like violence.  I really don't like violent movies or TV shows.

But I love comic book superhero movies.

Are they violent?  Of course.

But there is something else.  The violence makes sense there.  There are good guys and bad guys.  The fighting is necessary for the bad guys to get their punishment and to save humanity.

In the movie world things are clear cut.  The Avengers and Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen are good.  Death Eaters, Hydra and President Snow are bad.

Even with Daredevil (and MUCH darker Marvel property), there is a clearer line between good and evil.

In reality there really isn't a distinction between good and evil.  While there has been some startling police brutality, I know that not every cop is bad.  And while peaceful protest may have disintegrated into riots, I'm sure that a few rioters were there for an excuse to riot and loot.  This isn't District 13 vs. President Snow.  This is something with no clear right answer.  It makes me sick to think that the police is beating African American citizen just because they can.  Just because they have the power.  It also breaks me heart to see the rioting and violence from the other side.  (I read an article about how white bystanders were verbally harassing peaceful protest marchers.... but of course I can't find it to link it)

I know that the police brutality toward the African American population is frightening.  I'm also not a fan of rioting as a way of getting your point across.  But being a 40 year old not poor white woman I don't have much of a leg to stand on in any of my opinions.

I hate to admit it, but in the wake of violence that seems to never end, violence that I personally can't make sense of I just want to curl up into a ball and cry.  I remember feeling this way during the first Iraq war.  I remember feeling this way when I was young.

I don't know what I can do to fix anything.  Honestly, I don't think there is anything that I can do.

So Instead, I'm going to watch the Avengers.  I know that Hulk will smash,  Captain America will be a good citizen, and that Tony Stark will be a billionaire, playboy philanthropist.  I know that they will fight against evil.  And I know that evil will be pretty darn evil.  No shades of gray.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thank you Rachel Morgan and Kim Harrison

Last night before bed, I listened to the end of the last Rachel Morgan book.


Yes.  Listened.  I got into the audiobook thing a while ago.  After working all day, looking at print was the last thing I wanted to do.  Then I found Audible.  I could listen to books while I drove, while making dinner, during walks.  

I just spent the last few months with Rachel Morgan, Jenks, Ivy and the gang.  And as weird as it seems, I'm going to miss them.

 To The Witch with No Name
from Good Reads
13 books.  13 books of Rachel being unlucky (then VERY lucky) in love.  13 books of Jenks swearing (pixie swearing is very interesting).  13 books of learning about this world where the normal and the supernatural mix into one interesting mess.

And then it was over.

And honestly, it leaves me sad.

I loved this world.  Even back when I first read Dead Witch Walking years ago, I wished I could live than that world.

I turned off my speakers at 11 last night and felt satisfied with the ending.

And sad that I couldn't play in her world anymore.  There was talk of a series, but that wasn't to be.  Thank you Kim Harrison for you books.  And thank you Marguerite Gavin for your narration.

Should you read these books?


They are like the Anita Blake books, but with a lot less porn.  (unless you're into that.... then these books won't have enough sex)

Now it's Saturday, and I'm at a loss as to which book to listen to next.

The Women of the Otherworld series, by Kelley Armstrong?  Or maybe a stand alone novel?

Friday, April 10, 2015

I might be getting a little too much help.

This morning I actually went out running.  It was me and the dog.  Yes, the dog was all "on your left" as she tried to get home before me.  Sadly, she was on a leash and couldn't.

I got myself going extra early because I had an 8:30am meeting.  What for, might you ask?

Work was having a health thing, called the Be Your Best initiative.  We had Bioimpedance Analysis done and the meeting was to talk about how to interpenetrate the numbers.  (My numbers?  I think I should be an 85 year old woman.)  There are two more sessions of this series.  One on stress and one on eating right.

I left feeling weird about the whole thing.  Clean eating was paraded around.  She talked about how we all need to poop more (I'm not making this up!) and what consistence the poop needed to be.  They said that most of their patients are gluten free, then backed up and said that not everyone needs to be, but for most people need to be.

I thought a lot about it on the way back to my office.  This is actually going to be the third eating plan that I'm getting.  I'm already doing Weight Watchers and the meal from from 21 Day Fix.

The problem is, which one should I use?

Should I try to reconcile all of these plans?

Should I chuck it all?

Should I follow one?

Will I have to give up cake?  (spoiler alert, probably)

Or maybe I should stop stressing out out this and just try to follow the plans (they intersect a lot) as best I can.

And not beat myself up about the odd piece of cake.

And try not to do this: